Leadership Development

Leadership and management development focus on developing the skills we need to flourish in our work environments.  Depending on our roles and organisational context we may need management skills, leadership skills or both.

What are leadership skills?

In our working lives we are increasingly exposed to a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).  Leadership skills help all of us, irrespective of whether or not we are in a formal leadership role, to more effectively lead, even when much of what we encounter from situation to situation may be new to us.  As our leadership skills increase we become versatile and visionary, able to learn our way through previously unknown situations and equipped to thrive in the VUCA world

Professional person making phone call.

What are management skills?

Management skills are distinct and different from leadership skills.  Management skills help those of us who are supervisors or managers to improve our people and systems management practices, ensuring optimal performance and improved productivity.

Which leadership or management skills do I need?

We will undertake an assessment of your current developmental needs.  This assessment will consider your current role requirements, your future career aspirations and your lived experience of your work context.  Once you have been assessed we will tailor a program that best meets your current management and leadership development requirements.

How will I be assessed?

Our management and leadership development assessments include the Leadership Maturity Profile, 360o assessments, an interview and observation.  Depending on your circumstances we will invite you to undertake some or all of these assessments.